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Men's Spa Massage

Classic Swedish Massage 

The classic swedish massage provides an escape from the stresses of life. Light to moderate pressure with kneading and long flowing movements soothe tired muscles, increase circulation, and release tension. Excellent for those seeking physical serenity or those new to massage therapy.
45 minutes $55
60 minutes $85
90 minutes $125

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage 

Relieve stress and tension in the muscles and the tissue. We recommend this Deep Tissue Massage for people who have chronic tightness pain, or perform regular physical work. 
45 minutes $70
60 minutes $90
90 minutes $135

Therapeutic Stone Massage 

A full body massage, encompassing warm stones with light to moderate pressure. Experience this time honored practice which brings deep, restorative rest. Our massage therapist gently glides smooth stones over the body, providing warmth that soothes mind and muscles, increases circulation, improves tone and induces tranquility and serenity. 
Side-by-Side services can be enjoyed in our duet suite by couples, family and friends. Each guest can choose a massage of their choice from our spa services menu. Length of services selected must be the same. Total price is based upon services selected.

45 minutes 
60 minutes 
90 minutes 

The Senses Massage 

Consult with our Certified Massage Therapist to create your customized Therapeutic Senses massage. Includes two enhancements to deepen your healing experience. 
45 minutes $75
60 minutes $95
90 minutes $140

Special Enhancements + $10-$15

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