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& Eyelash Extensions

Perfect your natural beauty with our facial and skin care services at The Sense Spa. 

Express Facial 

Developed to get your skin back into shape, the Mini Facial revitalizes, creates circulation, hydrates and soothes your skin in a short amount of time.  This treatment is designed to focus on specific problem areas or to prepare the skin for more advanced skin care treatments. $60

Customized Signature Facial 

Based on a comprehensive skin evaluation, we will customize this facial to your unique and ever changing skin care needs.  Your facial will include steam, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), a face, neck and shoulder massage, and a scalp massage. $80

Purifying Facial

A detoxifying facial for acne prone or congested skin that includes extractions and bacteria eliminating high frequency.  Considered a timeless and essential tool in the skin care industry, high frequency also stimulates cell renewal, assists in product penetration and reduces redness and inflammation. $80

Ultra-calming Facial 

A gentle facial for even the most sensitive skin, including those who suffer from rosacea.  Your skin will be clean, calm, and restored to a more balanced state of health. $80

Anti Aging Facial

Scientific research has uncovered ingredients such as antioxidant vitamins C and E, glucosamine, peptides, lactic acid, retinol, and of course, daily use of an SPF to treat and prevent aging skin. This facial targets fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and will turn back the clock and leave your skin glowing and renewed. $90

Brightening Facial

Specifically designed for those with dark spots and uneven skin tone due to hyper-pigmentation.  This highly effective treatment minimizes discoloration and improves skins clarity with products that contain a blend of peptides, minerals and botanical extracts that help treat and prevent cellular damage for unsurpassed skin brightening and tonal balancing. $80

Clearing Teen Facial

Focusing on teen complexion issues, such as oiliness and acne, this balancing treatment includes a lesson on how to take proper care of your skin with the right products for your skin type. $60

Add On Treatment Enhancements
Eye Zone Treatment

Rid your tired eyes of unwanted inflammation and dark circles with this treatment. An expertly performed drainage massage gets fluids that have pooled around the eyes flowing, while a cold compress rids the area of puffiness for good. Extra firming eye cream is then applied to moisturize and tighten the skin for a well rested look. $20

Plumping Lip Treatment

This treatment begins with a deep exfoliation around and on the lips to shed unwanted dead skin cells followed by a deep moisturizing mask. We then finish by applying our decadent lip ointment for a pout that is left perfectly smooth and plump. $20

Eyelash Extensions
Semi Permanent Lash Extensions

Elite Full Set $195
Elite Fills start at $55
Lash Extension Removal $60

*Please come to your appointment free of eye makeup, to ensure maximum time for lash extension application. After your full eyelash extension treatment, we recommend coming back every two to four weeks to restore your set to its original fullness.

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