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Men's Spa Pedicures

As an active, lively individual, you probably put more stress on your feet every day than on any other part of your body.  Isn’t it time you treated your feet to a luxurious pedicure? Please choose from our complete pedicure menu below as a way to say “Thank you” to the most overworked part of your body. 

Salt Spa Pedicure

This service includes all the steps from the Basic Spa Pedicure, adding a Sea-salt skin exfoliation to the legs.


Deluxe Spa Pedicure

This service includes all the steps from the Basic Spa Pedicure , adding a delightful aromatherapy Sugar Scrub exfoliation for the legs and finished with a Warm Lotion or Cooling Gel Massage.

Seaweed Mask / Clay Mask Spa Pedicure

This service includes all the steps from the Deluxe Spa Pedicure, adding a Moisturizing Seaweed Mask wrapped in hot towel.

Hot Stone Spa Pedicure

This service includes all the steps from the Deluxe Spa Pedicure, adding a Hot  Basalt Stone foot massage.

Chocolate Spa Pedicure

Splash around in a Chocolate Mineral foot bath, followed by a Chocolate Scrub, Chocolate Mousse Mask, and a massage with our Special Chocolate Butter Cream. Your feet never felt this good!

Mango Spa Pedicure

Take your feet to a tropical paradise! We will soak your feet in a Mango foot bath, followed by an Exotic Mango Sugar Scrub and Mask to stimulate your circulation. Finally, we will massage with our special Mango Cream.

Cranberry Spa Pedicure

A delicious fragrant treatment inspired by the fruit of the bog. This pedicure utilizes Cranberry derived enzymes along with fruit acids designed to gently remove keratinized dead skin cells and callouses. The enzyme removes the top layers of skin leaving a younger smoother skin with uniform pigmentation. The foot massage will be followed by a rich Butter Cream that contains Shea Butter, Cranberry Seed Oil, Vitamins A, C, D & E.

Coconut Lime Spa Pedicure

Submerge into a moisturizing bath of soothing warm coconut milk. After your feet are perfectly pedicured, a luxurious experience awaits...The toasted coconut sugar scrub will gently exfoliate your legs to wash away dry flaky skin, hydrating and restoring your skin’s elasticity.  Coconut crème foot and leg massage is heavenly. Ladies, this will leave your feet feeling nourished and incredibly smooth. Cleopatra never had it so good.

Champagne & Rose Spa Pedicure

Let's start submerging your feet with a splash of Champagne & Rose Mineral bath, followed by a Champagne & Rose scrub, European Rose Mud Mask wrap followed by a massage with Champagne & Rose Butter Cream. Aahh…la vie en rose! Great for a Bridal party!!!

Organics Spa Pedicure

We invite you to indulge yourself with this truly royal organic treatment.  First, you will dip your feet into a silky, warm-water bath of Organic Detoxifying Dead Sea Salt . Then, we will slough away rough skin and wrap your lower legs & feet in the Organic Lemongrass and Green Tea Moisture Mask. Finally, an Organic Cream will be used to massage to your feet and lower legs.

Ultimate Spa Pedicure

This service includes all the steps from Organics Spa Pedicure, adding a Perfect Paraffin Wax and finished with 15 minutes of foot reflexology. You’ll have the sexiest legs in town when this pedicure is done.

Mini Pedicure

Short on time and just need a quick refresh? This service includes feet soak in warm water, file & buff your nails, cuticle care, warm towel, lotion and polish of your choice. Whoosh!

  • Princess & Prince Pedicure (12 & younger)

  • 30 minute Foot Massage 

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