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Owners of The Sense Spa, husband and wife Ryan and Vivian, really wanted to do something for our customers... and to this community. Their commitment to their well-being is what inspired the creation of The Sense Spa. "It was created with all of you in mind. Everything is pristine and brand new! You will see a lot of things that you have never seen before. We try to bring part of our cultures in display to show you where we came from. We are big believers that by experiencing new cultures we will actually learn more about our own cultures. We would compare the differences between the two cultures to understand more of your own culture" said Ryan.

The Sense Spa will provide you with quality spa services at affordable prices. In addition, our Hammer & Nails Men's Spa will offer specialty services for our male customers, as well as a private entrance to allow for some privacy to our high profile clients.

We welcome you all to enjoy, relax, unwind at our new, beautiful facility!

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